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Personal Portfolio Bonds are single premium life assurance contracts designed for investors to make a lump sum investment with the following characteristics:

Worldwide Access

They are personalised investments wrappers that may contain either, stocks, shares, ETF’s, managed funds, bonds or currencies from any openly tradable market in the world. Only via these offshore instruments does the world of investment truly open up to you.

Pinnacle clients can purchase assets for their bond at 'institutional discount', the same price as the banks would pay. In fact, to do this, the insurance company will purchase the asset in their name, ensuring you confidentiality wherever you may buy. With the umbrella of life assurance, they are also non-income producing assets and therefore have no income tax liability until full or partial encashment. Additionally, income and capital gains arising on the assets held within the Offshore Portfolio are not taxed and therefore taxation is deferred.

Greater Potential
Obviously, the underlying performance of the Bond will depend upon the performance of the various investment funds held, although a gross accumulation without taxation means there is a greater potential for growth particularly in the medium to longer term.


A one stop shop approach with consolidated purchasing and reporting for the investor. Total confidentiality provided via third-party custodianship. Institutional discounts entering offshore funds. Lower entry levels to more specialist investments, including hedge funds. Greater investor mobility, due to reduced switching costs and easy dealing. Fully assignable structures; for example as security for a loan.

Not Quite The End Of The Story

So far so good! However, it gets better for British citizens. On return to the UK, your insurance company will give you the option of switching from your personalised portfolio bond into a 'collective investment bond'. This will be UK qualifying and allow you to keep all the gains made offshore within an onshore structure.


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