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As an independent financial practice, Pinnacle Wealth Management is committed to achieving financial peace of mind for its clients by creating appropriate and highly personalized investment programmes tailored to their individual needs. Our team of highly experienced professionals provide solutions that are innovative, effective, customized and competitive - solutions that help build lasting financial security for you and your loved ones.

Focus, Integrity

Client focus and integrity are two of the cornerstone principles for Pinnacle business practice. Our team is committed to providing appropriate financial solutions designed to fulfil your needs by analyzing your circumstances and life goals. These solutions have to fulfil our company criteria of low cost and high value.

Our philosophy also encompasses a belief that the best solutions and stratagem are those that are clear and transparent. Surely, in the context of this new millennium, knowledge and understanding equals empowerment and peace of mind.

Strong, Established Partnerships

Through Pinnacle, our clients can have unrestricted access to every recognized international market. Our partners include some of the world's most respected and revered financial institutions:

But our programmes do not end with just an investment. We can arrange for first class tax and trust advice via some of the worlds leading independent trust advisers. This means that not only can your investment make a profit, but you get to keep it!

Pinnacle Online

In 2007, we launched Pinnacle Online, a comprehensive cutting edge, web based valuation tool, available to all clients free of charge. Pinnacle Online will give an online daily valuation of all of your assets within a simple balance sheet format. It will even incorporate property and non-Pinnacle holdings in order for you to receive a 'true value' overview of your financial well being. By clicking on a "Performance" button you can even bring up a page which charts the growth of every individual fund that you own. So no matter where you are in the world, you can monitor the progress of your investments, 24-7.

Our Obligation To You

We believe that we have an obligation to repay the faith that you have shown in us by providing you with consistent and constant support. That support forms part of the journey taken on the road to achieving financial security.

For these given reasons, we look forward to being of service to you and your family for many years to come.


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