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It is a fact that due to breakthroughs in medical science and a much reduced birth rate, the human race is rapidly greying. It is also a fact that in the majority of countries, state retirement plans will be cut to the bone within the next 10 to 15 years. Sadly, it is now all too commonplace for companies to cut costs by reducing pension benefits.

It gets worse for the expatriate. Even if you are tax equalised in your home country, you still may not qualify for corporate retirement benefits. If you are on a foreign contract, then you are probably not going to have any corporate pension cover whatsoever, other than the local national welfare system and that is in a crisis from which it will never recover.

In days gone, we could work a lifetime safe in the knowledge that we will be rewarded by our employer and our government with a pension for our labours. Those days have gone. It is now our responsibility to invest in ourselves, to ensure that we can retire worry free.

The Worlds Leading Financial Institutions

At Pinnacle we recognise that choosing the correct pension plan is amongst the most important financial decisions of your life. We also welcome the responsibility of helping to plan your retirement correctly. Our pension providers are amongst the largest, best known and secure in the world. They include Friends Provident International, Royal Skandia, Generali, Hansard and Scottish Life.

Amongst the fund managers selected to provide mutual funds are Black Rock, JP Morgan Fleming, Fidelity and Invesco GT. The portfolio choices range from bonds to equities which touch upon every continent in the world, as well as sectors such as biotechnology, gold, energy and telecoms.


However, the wider the choice, the more difficult it can be to find the right portfolio mix. This is where our pension advisory comes in. Our experienced wealth managers will assess your investment profile and aspirations. We will analyse and research particular investment markets, their conditions and also consider where you will be living and where the money will be landed. Only then, will we recommend a solution to you.

Peace of Mind

There is no more serious undertaking than pension planning. Your retirement is your reward to yourself for a lifetime of hard work. It is the final judge and the all too acid test of whether your working life has been a financial success.

The first step on that journey to a quality retirement is to choose Pinnacle.


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